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Tips To Maximize Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency Part 1

July 18, 2017

As August makes its way across the country, many households are relying on their air conditioners for full-time comfort to find relief from the relentless heat. Your AC unit comes under a lot of stress during the hot season, which is why it’s essential to make the effort to lessen the load. AEMS Services is proud to be your source for quality HVAC services in New Jersey. Since 1979, our certified HVAC technicians have worked to provide quality air conditioner and furnace repairs to our happy customers. With a commitment to high customer satisfaction, AEMS strives to offer reliable, honest results that will keep your family comfortable for the long run. While there is nothing that you can do as a homeowner to fight the heat of the sun, there are a few steps that you can take to optimize your air conditioner’s efficiency. If you’re in need of quality HVAC repairs, be sure to reach out to AEMS for assistance!

Increasing Home Temperature Retention

Many people would be amazed if they found out how much cool air they are losing through gaps and leaks in their home. The air in and around your home is constantly seeking to achieve homeostasis, where everything is balanced. This equates to hot and cold air constantly escaping through any means necessary. If your home’s windows look to be weathered, it can be very beneficial to utilize caulking to seal any gaps in the frame. Doors are also notorious for heat loss (or gain!), which can often be minimized by weather-stripping. Our HVAC company can come out and perform an audit on your house to pinpoint where the most temperature loss occurs.Your parents always warned against heating the whole neighborhood, and now you can fight against cooling everyone off, too!

Checking the Filters

While this tip is discussed all-too frequently, it is still essential to ensure that your air conditioner is operating with a clean filter. When this simple task is neglected, your AC will work harder to produce the same cooling effects. This extra effort will drive up energy costs in addition to wearing out parts much quicker. Investing in a filter can go a long ways in saving you money!

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

One proactive way of optimizing your air conditioner is to call a professional for seasonal HVAC maintenance measures. When a certified technician shows up to your home, he or she will inspect, clean, and then fine-tune every aspect of your AC system to ensure that it runs optimally throughout the summer season. Any minor issues can be quickly addressed to cool your home faster and better. Any larger problem that is found during the tune-up can be scheduled for HVAC repairs. This alone can prevent issues from getting worse and more expensive. Numerous HVAC companies will also offer a guarantee program, certifying that your unit will run smoothly through the year. If something goes awry, you can breathe easy knowing that a technician is on the way to make repairs.

Beating the heat can make your life much more enjoyable, but doing so can be a major challenge if your AC breaks down. Next time, we’ll discuss a few more tasks that can optimize your HVAC unit’s seasonal efficiency. Our company is proud to provide quality heating and air conditioning services to New Jersey residences, delivering timely results that meet our customers’ expectations. If you need AC assistance now, be sure to contact us today!

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