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Getting To The Bottom Of Furnace Smells With Your HVAC Company Part 1

February 2, 2017

During the winter months, having a health furnace is vital for keeping the home and its inhabitants in a comfortable state. As we have stated before, most people rarely think about their HVAC unit until something goes awry. One surefire way to know that an issue has occurred is noticing an unnatural smell emanating from the furnace or ductwork. When this happens, it’s important to be able to tell between a minor irritation and a serious problem that requires immediate HVAC maintenance. If a professional HVAC company is needed, AEMS Services can help! Our focus on heating and air conditioning services is executed with an extreme focus on quality and customer satisfaction. After four decades of providing top-notch HVAC Services to New Jersey homes, we’re confident that we can provide valuable solutions for any situation!

Today, we’ll look at a few common smells that may be emanating from your furnace or ductworks. If anything appears too serious, it’s always wise to contact the professionals!

Mold Management

If your furnace is the source of a moldy, musty smell, chances are that your filter is the cause. Swapping out the filter is a relatively inexpensive task that will produce numerous benefits for your home’s HVAC system. While this simple fix is a minor concern compared to other smells, it’s important to make sure that the odor has dissipated after filter servicing. If the musty smell remains, it’d be wise to call out an HVAC technician to diagnose any unseen moisture issues.

Dusty Determinations

One of the most common occurrences is that of firing up your furnace at the start of the cold season and having it reek of burning dust. When not in use, dust and dirt will accumulate on and around your furnace. A few minutes of blasting heat should quickly burn away any concerns. This smell is very normal and should be expected. However, if the odor does not appear to be temporary, calling out for help may be a wise maneuver.

Odorous Oils

For some homeowners, an oily smell may emanate from the furnace upon startup. Typically, this problem stems from having a clogged filter. Swapping for a new one should help to clear the problem up quickly. If a problem still exists, though, it’s important to call for professional HVAC services. A failed component may lead to an incorrect fuel-to-air mixture. Oil may be leaking somewhere within the unit. The depth of your mechanical skills may not be enough to pinpoint and solve the problem before it worsens. Oil smells can range in severity from simple filter changes to major HVAC repairs.

While these problems are generally minor in severity, it’s important to take action before the small leaks sink the heat of your home. Next time, we’ll cover a few smells that come from your furnace that may indicate more serious issues. In any case, AEMS Services is here to help! From furnace repairs to installations, we have the experience and tools to do it all. With a focus on quality, our technicians are ready to exceed your high expectations. If you’re in need of HVAC services for your New Jersey residence, feel free to contact us now for a quote!

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