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Furnace Repair For Fixing Moisture Issues With Your HVAC

February 9, 2017

When it comes to the list of possible errors to occur in someone’s home, from the dishwasher to the porch light, the furnace can be responsible for a large number of problems. One reason we receive calls for furnace repair is when homeowners find water leaking from the bottom of their furnace. To many concerned citizens, the abundance of H2O coming from a heating unit may seem very unusual. As a provider of quality HVAC services for New Jersey residents, AEMS Services has seen it all. Our team of trained and certified HVAC technicians is ready to provide honest, reliable service for any heating and air conditioning services you may require. Today, we’ll cover a few common reasons that causes water to pool around the furnace.


Modern furnaces are typically equipped with a drainage system that funnels moisture from the interior of the unit to an exterior drain. This moisture is actually condensation that is typical with high-efficiency models. Whereas normal operations would go unnoticed by the happy homeowner, a fault in this drainage system can lead to water spilling into the furnace compartment. Water will then pool and drain down into bottom, creating a wet and soggy filter. The cause of this can be attributed to either a clog somewhere in the line or a leak. Furnaces tend to have an assortment of seals and clamps, all working in tandem to keep everything up to speed. A missing clamp or a cracked gasket can be the cause of the excess moisture.

For those whose have a standard-efficiency furnace, its heating system produces no condensation but the metal pipe that is used to expel hazardous gases can be improperly sized or compromised. If this happens, the exhaust from the unit can settle back into the house, creating a major hazard for its occupants. If your home is experiencing this issue, it’s important to contact an HVAC company for immediate help!

Humidifier Issues

New Jersey residents who have a furnace humidifier may find that that it is the cause of water issues. This addition essentially uses a thermostat to measure the humidity in the air that is being circulated into your home. When the furnace is running, this humidifier kicks in to reduce the dryness present in the air. Coming in a variety of styles, these humidifiers work to keep the occupants and the home’s interior happy.

If there are any problems with this attachment, from electrical malfunctions to leaks, the results can be very costly. If you own one of these attachments for your heating system and are experiencing a leak, it’s highly recommended that you call a qualified HVAC technician to come out and check. Many times with HVAC units, the sooner a problem is fixed the cheaper it is in the long term.

Secondary Exchanger Errors

Higher efficiency furnaces may come with a secondary heat exchanger to work in tandem for much better results. The secondary source is known to produce a lot more condensation, leading to higher moisture demands. If your furnace were to overheat for any reason, the heat may cause the secondary exchanger to crack, leading to a variety of costly repairs. As we said before, calling outside help for HVAC repairs can save a lot of money down the road!

While AEMS Services has the expertise and training to offer the best solutions for your heating system, it’s important to note that HVAC systems are complex. Utilizing multiple components, the furnace relies on precision equipment to keep the home safe and toasty. Water leakage can be due to numerous issues, so it’s important to contact professional HVAC services for your New Jersey residence. If you are dealing with this issue or need any other HVAC help, don’t hesitate to contact us now!

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