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Behind The Yellow Sticker: Your Air Conditioner’s SEER And EER Ratings

January 30, 2017

While the winter months are still in full swing, it’s important to plan for the future. Homeowners who are looking to shop for a new air conditioning unit will have to sift through piles of numbers and descriptions in order to find the ideal product for their home. One common site that is often present is the yellow Energy Guide sticker that accompanies every new AC system. As providers of heating and air conditioning services, our HVAC company has the tools and experience to assist with all phases of the heating and cooling world. From HVAC maintenance to installations, we do it all! AEMS Services is proud to offer HVAC services to New Jersey residents for nearly four decades. We focus on ultimate customer satisfaction and we’re here to help!

While commonly found on HVAC units, many citizens are not aware of the practice and purpose behind these energy efficiency stickers. Today, we’ll look into what the SEER and EER ratings are and what their numbers represent.

Energy Efficiency Ratio

Also known as EER, this number consists of the energy needed to cool air. Since EER ratings are obtained in consistent conditions under identical parameters, they can be seen as the control in a science experiment. An EER number is useful for comparing multiple units for their general efficiency. Interior and exterior temperatures as well as humidity levels are set to create ideal operating parameters. Essentially, the EER rating is based on the heat removal measured by British thermal units (BTUs) divided by the energy cost in watts. You divide the BTU change by watt-hours to provide a consistent, comparable number that can greatly assists consumers worldwide.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

Unlike the EER rating, SEER aims to calculate the energy cost throughout an entire cooling season. This rating is useful for determining an AC unit’s efficiency at varying moistures and temperatures, unlike the EER rating. This figure can be much more useful when trying to determine the energy costs of keeping a home heated in your geographic location. While more detailed for painting a picture of your home’s energy costs, SEER is not as useful for side-by-side comparisons of different units.

Determining Your Ideal Value

When it comes time to choose an air conditioner, homeowners will need to balance the upfront cost of their unit with the energy efficiency to determine their ideal scenario. While high-efficiency units tend to cost more up front, that cost can be recouped over the years in energy costs. Combining that yellow sticker’s energy specifications with maintenance costs will help to paint a better picture on the cost of keeping your home cool. Working with a qualified HVAC technician can help you to decide which choice will be best.

Purchasing a new air conditioner can be a stressful experience, but having the knowledge and tools to make an informed decision makes all the difference. AEMS Services is here to provide comprehensive HVAC services to New Jersey, from furnace repair to ductwork replacement. Beyond shopping for a new unit, ordering air conditioning service for your home before the hot months can prevent numerous headaches come summertime. Contact us today for any of your HVAC needs!

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