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A Look At Furnace Humidifiers And What They Do

February 13, 2017

For many people, the winter season can be a time of snowfall and dry air. Many people seek aid to help ease the discomfort associated with air that is severely void of moisture. While personal humidifiers are great for promoting hydration and comfort, they are limited in their effectiveness. To remedy this, some homeowners purchase add-ons for their furnace system. As a top HVAC company in the area, AEMS Services has years of experience working with numerous components with heating and cooling systems. We have been providing HVAC services to New Jersey residents since 1979, and we’re ready to help you. Today, we’ll look at furnace humidifiers and how they may be able to benefit your life.

What is a Furnace Humidifier?

A good question. This attachment comes in a variety of styles and works to introduce more moisture into your home’s ductwork. A few common methods include:

  • Bypass humidifiers. As the name implies, this tool adds water by pulling in warm air as it passes through, inserting moisture into the air and delivering it back into the main ductwork to be dispersed throughout the home. The air actually passes through a water panel that is designed to release the appropriate amount of moisture. This simple system uses the HVAC airflow divert to treat the air, avoiding the need for more expensive devices.
  • Fan humidifiers. This style is an upgraded version of the bypass humidifier. Every aspect is similar except that a fan is powered to push the air through the water pad, increasing the moisturization of the warm air. The result is a much more efficient humidifying stem. Power consumption for this small fan is very minute and does not cause a large drain on your electrical system. Because the fan is used to push air, there is no need for a subvert system. One major benefit of the fan-powered humidifier is that it can be utilized in much smaller spaces.
  • Steam humidifiers. These devices add moisture to the air by boiling water, creating a supply of steam for the home regardless of whether or not the heating or cooling elements are on. Steam is an excellent method for delivering hydrating moisture to the air’s home supply. While steam humidifiers offer the best method for putting water in the air, it does have a few dropbacks. For one, the price of these units tend to outweigh the competitors. The constant air moisture can also result in the need for HVAC repairs and inspections to ensure that all is running well. A faulty steam humidifier can produce water in the ductwork, equating to rust and possible mold. However, with timely HVAC maintenance, this device can deliver years of sustained comfort.


Should I Buy One?

Another good question. The answer here is that it varies for each person. People who suffer from asthma and allergies may find solace in the moisturization brought on by a furnace humidifier. Experts point out that the added moisture will make a room feel comfortable even if it is a few degrees warmer or cooler than they wanted. Ideally, the cost of your humidifier should be offset by the savings over time from not having to maintain a higher or lower temperature. When your energy bills start to diminish here and there, you’ll be happy that you sprung for the comfort. For people who do not ail from dry air, however, the investment is one that should be talked about with a certified HVAC technician. The benefits are evident, but a cost analysis should be done in order to figure out if it is worth the investment.

Living in comfort can make a big difference in people’s daily lives. For many, the dry atmosphere leads to a myriad of ailments. To combat this, numerous companies have created furnace humidifiers to moisturize the entire house. If you’re in need of heating and air conditioning services, we can help! AEMS Services has provided the most comprehensive HVAC services to New Jersey homes and businesses for decades, and our trained staff is ready to take on any challenge. We’re available 24/7, so feel free to contact us today!

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