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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Water Heater Maintenance Tips From Your Licensed Plumber Part 1

  When it comes to the hot water in the home, most residents pay no mind until something goes awry. Losing your hot water mid-shower can be a very rude awakening for people who take their water heater for granted. This large appliance tends to dwell in laundry rooms and crawlspaces, working quietly with relatively…Read More…

A Look At Furnace Humidifiers And What They Do

For many people, the winter season can be a time of snowfall and dry air. Many people seek aid to help ease the discomfort associated with air that is severely void of moisture. While personal humidifiers are great for promoting hydration and comfort, they are limited in their effectiveness. To remedy this, some homeowners purchase…Read More…

Furnace Repair For Fixing Moisture Issues With Your HVAC

When it comes to the list of possible errors to occur in someone’s home, from the dishwasher to the porch light, the furnace can be responsible for a large number of problems. One reason we receive calls for furnace repair is when homeowners find water leaking from the bottom of their furnace. To many concerned…Read More…

Getting To The Bottom Of Furnace Smells With Your HVAC Company Part 2

As the winter weather continues to ravage the East Coast, your furnace is dutifully working away to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. When something goes wrong with the home’s HVAC system, residents tend to notice. Last week, we looked at a few odors that originate within your furnace and can cause some alarm.…Read More…

Getting To The Bottom Of Furnace Smells With Your HVAC Company Part 1

During the winter months, having a health furnace is vital for keeping the home and its inhabitants in a comfortable state. As we have stated before, most people rarely think about their HVAC unit until something goes awry. One surefire way to know that an issue has occurred is noticing an unnatural smell emanating from…Read More…

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